Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday, April 19, 2010

its actually been more than a year!

I came across my blog again after looking out of my office window influenced by utter insanity and clear cut boredom, it was like the volcanic ash clouds had subdued me in my seat and forced me to rethink that sometimes i talk alot of crap. But sometimes i think and i hope it actually makes sense. Well nonetheless as ive always stated this blog is for my benefit if people feel the urge to read it they can feel free to do so. 2009/2010 a lots happened around this time, too much actually, losing a friend, getting married, moving house, so much more that i really cant bother remembering most of the stuff.
So what next, im sitting amidst alot of noise and chaos, while put your lights on by santana is being played in the background, the world is shifting, both from a physical perspective and well for indiviuals from an emotional perspective as well. I really dont know what to write anymore, i think im going to go now and write back later :P byeeee

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 the future is here! So now what?

Its too painful to sit and have to think about a title for my new blog hence i came up with the lame one here! So 2009 is here, now what? Yes thats the question on many peoples minds! Well lets not get into whats happening around the world and in our lovely country nowadays and keep this light hearted like i actually wanted to initially! My list of things to do in 2009 are:

Slap atleast 5 politicians
Run semi naked through Zamzamma
Organize a BIGGGGG Scavenger hunt
HAVE a new yrs party without having to stand at the gate
Get wasted atleast 1nce which usually doesnt happen

Better yet i have a great idea how about i leave it out in the open! So people whoever is reading this blog, push across what YOU would like me to DO in 2009! Ill do whatever i can trust me on that one :) as long as it has nothing to do with any sort of crude sexual stuff :P. So i shall leave this blog open ended for all of you out there reading this send in your comments and lets play!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Welcome back!

Hello everyone,
I'd like to welcome myself back, after rising from the ashes of a chewed up country, an amazing vacation in bangkok,koh samui & kohphangan, and wishing i was there again, its time to get back into the blogging fold, i still don't understand how i can popularize my blog furthermore and get it out to the masses but oh well fuck it, life goes on with or without it. :)
So lets discuss something fun, or better yet lack of it, what on earth does one do in the city of karachi for entertainment? I've tried and tried and tried again, but nothing i feel can come out of this city, albiet entertainment based unless atleast someone really really free can actually accumalate a calender of activities which come out every month hence increasing the temptation of the wait.
As you can see im going to try being a little more active on this blog now and start talking yet again about crap that is on my mind and im sure alot of other peoples mind, todays focus will be lack of entertainment, so what does one do? Eat out? Have Coffee? Go for ice cream? Fuck dude im really tired of eating or drinking coffee and im sure half of the people out there are also but due to the lack of things to do they go for it nonetheless, so next time you go out to eat, or go out for coffee, lets make it more interesting, break a plate, break a glass, break a cup, so what, they'll charge you for it? Fuck that atleast it'll cause some sort of excitement. :)
What else is there too do? Bowling? Go bowling yes but go bowling UTTERLY drunk!! dont drink and drive though be sure to keep a designated driver.
Poker seems to be getting pretty big down in khi, well sadly i love playing it, but i hate loosing to it but yet again be sure to keep your wallets well stocked its a great game but anything is possible and really guys if your good at facebook poker doesnt mean you're going to be good at real life poker so get over it. Get into a variation start playing strip poker ;) be sure to have women on the table or it gets rather sausagey if u know what i mean.
You know its sad, im actually having to sit here and think what one can actually do in this city and frankly there isn't a whole lot, so how about some start a calender a yearly calender plug in things plug in dates plug in anything even if its going to slap someone across the road, just type it in maybe we can come up with something fun.
Nonetheless ill kill todays blog by saying i had a moment it was during my vacation, i was floating in the sea(which i find incredibly fucking difficult to do) at koh samui amidst two huge cliffs, the great blue sky and the great blue sea and at that point and time, i just let go of it all, life seems alot more simpler after that. Everyone should give it a shot just get the hell out of your mundane routine and just do something relaxing/different/crazy anything that rocks your world or shakes it up a little bit even its a great feeling :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pakistani Student Snubs U.S. Ambassador, Payback For Attack

In the full glare of the media, Samad Khurram refused to receive an award from Anne Patterson. None of the Pakistanis in the hall joined him or gave him a standing ovation.

Reported By ZAID HAMID
Wednesday, 18 June 2008.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—A Pakistani student, Mr. Samad Khurram, today has done what the Pakistani government is afraid to do so far: Snub the U.S. ambassador in the Pakistani capital for the cowardly U.S. attack against our military on the border with Afghanistan.

Samad, a student of law at Harvard University, was in Islamabad to receive a shield of achievement from Anne Patterson, the U.S. ambassador.

But instead of sucking up to the U.S. ambassador, like many Pakistani officials choose to do, Samad had on his mind the blood of over 30 Pakistanis, half of them soldiers, who were killed on the soil of their homeland on June 10 when the Americans sided with Karzai thugs, also known as the ‘Afghan national army’, and used massive air power to target a peaceful Pakistani border post.

Ms. Patterson was attending a special ceremony organized at the National Arts Gallery by a privately owned Pakistani school. The school had invited 188 of its former students who received scholarships to study at various American colleges and universities. Parents of the students were present, along with Mrs. Zahida Kiayni, the wife of the Chief of Army Staff Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kiyani.

Ms. Patterson and other U.S. embassy officials were shocked and embarrassed when Samad walked to the stage to receive his award but then announced he was refusing the honor to protest the unprovoked American violation of Pakistani airspace and the murder of innocent Pakistanis.

A shaken Ms. Patterson smiled sheepishly and tried to make the best out of an embarrassing moment.

According to the Associated Press of Pakistan, the official news agency, this is how the U.S. ambassador responded:

“The American ambassador, responding to the protest of the student, said America has deep regrets on the incident. She said America is proud to have him (Samad Khurram) in USA for study, adding, “The only way to remove the misunderstanding is to exchange ideas and views.”

Ms. Patterson had a point there. We need to put our position out to the Americans in a clear way. Samad did just that. He did not boycott the ceremony. He attended it and made sure he rebuked the U.S. ambassador in the full glare of the media.

The unfortunate part is that no one present in the huge hall of NCA joined this nationalist young Pakistani in his gesture. At the very least, Pakistanis present in the hall should have given him a standing ovation.

The other unfortunate part is that none of the 80 or so Pakistani news channels highlighted the incident. Why did we allow private Pakistani channels in the first place? Wasn’t it to project Pakistani position to the world? If this was the Indian media, if this was the Chinese media, if this was the Iranian media, if this was the Arab media, if this was the Turkish media, this incident would have been repeated at the top of every news bulletin for the day. But this is the Pakistani media, filled with self-hating Pakistani ‘liberals’ who think taking pride in their homeland is a shameful act.

I hope some of the defeatist ‘liberal’ Pakistanis working for television news channels might be reading this. If you know someone there, please admonish them. I know plenty myself. But I work for one. I don’t own it.

It is sad that ordinary Pakistanis will always be more nationalist and patriotic than their so-called ‘liberal’ intellectuals and their non-intellectual politicians.

But Samad Khurram, no matter what, we are proud of you. If this defeatist Pakistani media is not celebrating you, we are.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

the calm before the storm...

Well congratulations guys, democracy is on its way? Or is it? Hah you know i find this entire situation rather pathetic, but am also quite empathic towards it and also towards my country Pakistan. I have always considered democracy in this country as this new phrase that i have coined which fits in perfectly for it. This country has attained "democrazy" people are plain simple going mad. They don't have food, our big wig politicians are holding back on stuff like wheat rice etc, the bird flu is up everyones asses, the heat is about to start rising, no wonder the common man is actually losing there SHIT. "Democrazy" stands for a country which is completely functioning in a backwards manner, it is a statement coined for the millions of people who are uneducated and you can buy there vote for like 10 rs... Do they understand what the government is? No, are they educated? No. Do they want to make a difference? No.

So what do they truly want? They plain and simply just want to live there daily lives eat some food and move on. Who takes them for granted? Our lovely politicians, i yet have to come across a politician who looks at Pakistan from a complete perspective and not just a regional based. Bhaee if you are saying that you can bring about change and make a difference and reinstate democracy, how about looking at the bigger picture? I guess for our loving politicians the bigger picture revolves more on the phrase "Show me the MONEY".

The calm before the storm? Well think about it, inflation is going straight up everyones asses, normal edibles like grain, wheat, even veggies and fruit are overpriced, the middle man is spending money yes but they are so drawn into loans etc that they don't realize that these banks will suck them dry. The poor man wants food and shelter and guess what they are not getting that. So imagine the french revolution pakistani style. Neither do i promote violence and insanity neither do i enjoy it, but people shits definitely going to hit the roof so just be geared for it. Viva la Pakistan! :P does that make sense?

Monday, January 7, 2008

Assasinations, weddings & the hunt for milk, bread and water! - Part 3 - Oh yeah and Ciggarettes!

I felt like i was walking the streets of resident evil, newspapers flying everywhere, broken glass on the street burnt up cars and no soul on the road, i decided lets go find some smokes and guess what couldnt find crap. Lets get a coke, guess what couldn't find that, Tried to get milk, bread, water NOTHING was available. The death of a supposed martyr destroyed the countries infrastructure to the extreme. I have always been known to hook people up with whatever they needed but for the first time in my life. I couldnt even get some drinking coke. It was hideous, i felt like i was in the middle of a warzone. What does one do when the city you live in and love is going through this attrocious phase. You watch you city bleed and you cant do anything to fix it up. One man cant do alot, but one man can try. So whoever thinks they can. Please RISE, please speak up and please try to make some sort of a difference. Its sad how vendors just overpriced everything. But kudos to the people who didnt, support was definitely there. People stopped other people from driving into warzone marked locations, people were supportive. If the masses are supportive, if the people of this country are supportive. Who caused all this chaos? Well i have insight on a very basic scale but lets try not to make this political.
Solutions were not at all provided to the people of the city. We were jailed within our houses. Luckily electricity did not fail us as much as we expected but at the end of the day there was nothing else. But a handful of people gave me hope. They made me understand that there is still some hope left in this amazingly beautiful hellhole of ours. I would like to give them all a shout out. Thank you for helping the people around you, thank you for your support. The news channels behaved and well they were quite positive this time around. Kudos to them as well. Especially dawn news, thats some pretty good work guys keep it up. The city has a negativity surrounding it its time to blow away this cloud of uncertainty and rise like the a phoenix! Karachi will rise and everyone out there will make it happen. Welcome to the new year karachi this is actually your time!